List of products by brand United Colors of Benetton

In this section you will find all the products of the Benetton brand that we have in Selecta VIP, so you can choose your favorites. 

Luciano Benetton, in 1955, understood that people sought to incorporate more colors into their existences. Especially when looking for clothing. For this reason, together with her sister, they started making and selling sweaters. A few years later two more brothers of the family joined the business.

Since then, this fashion company has grown and diversified its products. It became particularly well-known in the nineties due to its provocative publicity campaigns, which showed crude, controversial and denouncing photos that had little to do with clothes. However, their advertising campaigns focused on showing ethnic contrasts have been the most iconic. Benetton has sought to show the similarities that connect us, beyond skin colors.

The world famous brand United Colors of Benetton, offers a series of practical bags and very fashionable. First, they are large. So, they allow you to carry all the objects that you may need throughout the day.

The bags are the perfect complement to a well-achieved look. They can be the piece that gives coherence to what we are wearing. But part of that perfect style is functionality. That is especially true, if you have many and diverse activities during the day. Remember that to be successful with your complements they must be in syntony with the activities you are going to do.

Another outstanding feature is the color palette. These bags, although they have a range of neutral colors are not boring at all. Without a doubt, they follow the spirit of the brand and their desire to fill people's lives with color. The combinations of color, in blocks, will combine without any problem with all your outfits. You can take them to the office, to the classroom and even to the gym.

They are also made of synthetic fiber, which makes them very resistant and easy to care for. You will only need a soapy product, which is not abrasive. This is another advantage that you should consider if you have little free time to maintain your bags.


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