List of products by brand Dr Denim JeansMakers

An essential brand for jeans lovers is Dr. Denim Jeansmakers. Come to see their clothes visiting the Selecta VIP selection.

It is not a secret to anyone, that most of the population, wear jeans almost daily. They have become the garment that accompanies us on a daily basis. Dr. Denim has summarized it very well: Every day, it is a denim day.

The Swedish brand defines denim, like family or friends. That is a daily companion. Undoubtedly, they are basic clothes that can be used multiple times.

Dr. Denim Jeansmakers is a young brand. It was founded in 2004 by the brothers Alexander and Johannes Graah, with the help of his father Morten. This company is committed to the creation of quality jeans. They have worked on innovative jeans, with a good fit and that make an impact.

Alexander Graah who, in addition to being one of the founders is the CEO, has said that they have always wanted to do what others say is impossible. He also states that they have achieved it several times. The creators of Dr. Denim want to be the brand where you can get jeans, regardless of whether you want them for elegance or functionality.

The origins of the jeans fabric was far away from the luxury and comfort they enjoy today. Although, it is not known with certainty when this material was developed, it is believed that it was during the middle ages. Due to its durability, it was used to build sailboats, tarpaulins, awnings and tents.

It is in 1853, that the manufactures start using this fabric, to make work clothes for miners. They were brown topped with copper clasps. Its world-known blue color would be added in 1873, using indigo, which is a natural pigment. In 1880, an artificial blue dye was developed from anthranilic acid.

In this section of Selecta VIP, dedicated to the brand Dr. Denim, you will find a varied set of jeans for men and women. The adjustment of these garments is a feature that stands out in the confection. You can appreciate the quality of the materials and the sewing work. The finishes and washes of the fabric are very well thought, keeping a casual and elegant appearance.


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