Men's underwear

Often called Underwear, is a basic accessory of humans. In fact, the history of the underwear goes back to beyond 5,300 years ago, where some men would begin to use skin to cover the cold and the environment.

Today, underwear has not evolved too much. It's practically the same thing: a simple accessory that should be used to be much more how and cover the lower body.

Types of underwear or Underwear For men

There are many types of underwear or Underwear. Each type is intended for a Moment o Different work. Let's explain a little about some of these:

Classic boxer

When we talk about men, surely the Boxers Brief Are The first option to take To cover the intimate areas. The reason is the great comfort that these garments provide.

They are characterized by being quite large with a silhouette similar to that of the Shorts.

Boxers Open

Like the Boxers Traditional, have a similar size to some shorts. However, these are much wider, which ensures comfort.

Are Excellent for resting at home and sleeping, But not too good to get out.

Boxer Brief

The boxer Brief It is one of the most used for the comfort it provides. The appearance is a combination between the common panties and the boxer.

The appearance resembles a short, but a little more glued to the legs and elongated.

Notable brands are Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss And Dirk Bikkembergs.

Underpants or Brief

The Brief Or underpants are the best known in clothing. This is the male lingerie used since childhood. Some models include a model that resembles a little Boxers Traditional.


The thong is the smallest male underwear there is, so it is ideal to look slender bodies and in good shape when going to the pool or the beach.

Long underwear

Although it is a little less common, the long underpants also fall into this list. Although they seem a little more libertines, these long panties that resemble a Pants They don't need any internal protection.

They are perfect to be at home without having to suffer from the heat, though Maybe a little uncomfortable for the outside.

How to choose the ideal underwear?

Before you go to buy the ideal underwear, make sure that what you are buying is comfortable, as otherwise the rubbing with the clothes will not give you a good feeling.

Regarding fashion, it really doesn't matter too much, as this type of garments does not require too much. Use mainly in the Elasticity and material of the garment, because it depends on how comfortable you are all day.

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Men's underwear

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