List of products by brand Chipie Women

If you are looking to express your individuality with your style, the Chipie Women brand is designed for you. In Selecta VIP, you will find some of their best garments.

Since its founding in 1967, Chipie has made an interesting journey in the world of fashion. This French brand is the product of the vision and drive of a 17-year-old, Jean-Michel Signoles.

The creator of Chipie began by personalizing second-hand vintage clothing from the United States. Let’s remember that this term is used to identify relatively old objects. As a general rule, vintage pieces are considered to be more than 20 years old.

It is important do not confuse retro with vintage. The first refers to objects that have literal or interpreted inspiration from the aesthetics of the past. Meanwhile, the second refers to objects that were manufactured in other times, following the parameters of that moment.

Returning to Chipie, after 4 years in operation, he opened his first production factory. He quickly became a national leader in the field of jeans. However, its roots remained. Therefore, by deploying their creativity, they developed custom labels for their products. Chipie was one of the first brands to consider labels as something more than a simple identification.

Each label is designed in combination with the piece that will carry it. This way they are creating a kind of theme or general idea. This individuality of the garments is part of its great success with buyers. Thus, it began the journey of the label from being hidden, to becoming a focal point, easily recognizable and associable to a brand.

In 1979, male and female clothing lines were well established in France. That year they launched Chipie Junior, their line for children. It was followed by stationery, pens, shoes, bags, leather products, watches and glasses. In the decade of the 80's begins its international expansion, reaching with its stores places like London, Tokyo and Amsterdam.

In Selecta VIP, you will find clothes for women of this brand. As expected, we have a wide selection of jeans, in different shades. Also, you can see shirts with cheerful and simple designs. But, above all, the clothes of Chipie that we have grouped for you are casual, without losing the elegance that gives good quality.


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