List of products by brand Breil Milano

Visit our online store, Selecta VIP, the brand section of Breil Milano and know the beauty, impact and sophistication of its accessories.

Breil Milano was founded in 1939. From the beginning of its business, it was characterized as a leading brand. Anticipating and imposing new trends. They have pursued to present innovative style rules, considering, and even changing, consumer preferences.

The strong point of Breil are the accessories, being its specialty watches. They have ventured into other areas, for example in 2001 launched its first jewelry line. For 2012, this brand had achieved that the watch reached the status of jewelry, offering new forms and greater versatility.

Remember that accessories are key pieces of any outfit. And there is no more unisex accessory, than sunglasses. These pieces have their origin in China, around the 12th century. Here, smoked glasses were developed, which were used by judges to hide their eyes during legal proceedings and not to give clues about the possible verdict.

Another advance in the history of sunglasses was also related to functionality. James Ayscough experimented with tinted windows, looking for a remedy to some vision problems. We would have to wait until the beginning of the XX century, for the first uses of the sunglasses for aesthetic reasons. In this era, the stars of silent movies popularized their use.

The values ??and personality of the Breil brand can be summarized as: strength, sensuality and audacity. That is why, in the early 90s, they preferred female models. Among them, Monica Bellucci stands out. In her photos, she appears wearing large watches, combined with a casual, distinctive and unconventional style.

Without a doubt, the success of the brand is not a mere coincidence. Each product has a seductive aesthetic, with an advanced design. In the same way, a quality manufacturing, taking good care of shapes colors and materials.

If you characterize yourself as a strong and determined person, Breil Milano is the brand you're looking for. The pieces that you will find in Selecta VIP are ideal for those who want, with passion, to express their style.


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