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Visit our clothing section Calvin Klein. In Selecta VIP, we have chosen the key pieces for you. You will see thatcomfortable, can be sexy

The Calvin Klein brand has a particular history of foundation. It is, without doubt, a sign that diverse elements can conspire to succeed. Particularly when talking about the fashion world.

Founded in 1968 by designer Calvin Klein, it was born via a loan received by Klein from a childhood friend. These ten thousand dollars, would allow the start of operations.

An innocent accident would unleash the meteoric rise of Calvin Klein. His first location was located in the same building as Bonwit Teller. One day the Vice President of that brand, stopped on the wrong floor. Upon seeing Klein's samples, he invited him to present them to the President of Bonwit Teller. That first year, Calvin Klein's profits reached one million dollars.

For the following year, 1969, Calvin Klein was on the cover of Vogue magazine. Two years later, in 1971, his line of women's clothing included sportswear, lingerie and classic jackets. Klein's talent was awarded in 1973 with the recognition of the Coty American Fashion Critics Award.

The growth of the brand continued. Before having ten years in the market, his earnings had reached 30 million dollars. In the same way, their lines continued to diversify. It included scarves, sunglasses, sheets, cosmetics, shoes, and the male clothing branch, before reaching the 80 decade.

However, Calvin Klein is best known for his underwear advertisements, specifically boxers. The most iconic one, from 1990, featured Mark Walhberg with Kate Moss. This suggestive style of advertising remains until this day. Among his most recent models are: Justin Bieber, Kendal Jenner and Zoe Saldana.

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