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If you are looking for jeans, in Selecta VIP we have the best Diesel Jeans garments. Know the Italian giant, leader in jeans.

Oscar Wilde had an interesting opinion on fashion. He considered it such an unbearable form of ugliness that it was necessary to change it every six months. Perhaps, the words of the best known dandy in history are a bit strong. But, after all, he had a good point. Most brands must create new collections constantly. And, Diesel is not the exception.

In fact, the Italian fashion house launches six collections a year. Additionally, they make two more collections, a Christmas and a summer one. That is a grand total of 8 collections in twelve months.

Diesel is an Italian brand founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. It has three main lines. They are: Clothing for women, men and children. But, they are all connected by Rosso's fascination with jeans. The jean is the core of Diesel. Of course, over the years they have ventured into other aspects of fashion. You can find t-shirts, jackets, skirts, underwear, cosmetics, sunglasses, shoes, fragrances, watches, among others.

The curious name of the brand is a gesture to the oil crisis. At this time, diesel was presented as a very competitive alternative to traditional fuels. Rosso liked the idea that Diesel was perceived as an alternative to the other brands of casual clothing on the market.

The current creative director of Diesel is Nicola Fomichetti. He is known for being the stylist of Lady Gaga. Since 2015, when he took over, he has wanted to reawaken the original spirit of the brand. He set as propose to make people feel cool and have confidence in themselves. So we can go back to that feeling that generated in the 90s to own a pair of jeans.


Diesel Jeans Woman Matic Blue Jean Stretch Regular Denim

Here you can buy Ropa de marca mujer from the luxury fashion firm Diesel. Since 2003 we are working every day to bring you the best luxury brands and the best collections at the best price. You do not need to wait for sales to buy at very affordable prices and dress your style. With this model Diesel Jeans Woman Matic Blue Jean Stretch Regular Denim from...
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