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1. Identifying data: In compliance with the duty of information contained in article 10 of law 34/2002, of 11 July, on information society services and electronic commerce, the following data are reflected: the company holding Domain Web is SVIP 2003 S. L, with number of C.I.F.: B-55214076 registered in the Mercantile Registry of Girona Mercantile Registry of Girona, Volume 2992, Folio 191, Section 8, H GI 57063, I/A 1. With Email Contact:

2. Users: the access and/or use of attributes the condition of user, who accepts, from such access and/or use, the general conditions of use here reflected. The above conditions shall apply irrespective of the general contracting conditions which, where appropriate, are binding.

3. Use of the PORTAL: provides access to a multitude of information, services, programs, data, brands or offers (hereinafter, "the contents") on the Internet belonging to SVIP 2003 S.L. creator of the website or its licensors to which the user can access. The user assumes responsibility for the use of the portal. This responsibility extends to the registration necessary to access certain services or contents. In this register the user will be responsible for providing truthful and lawful information. As a result of this registration, the user can be provided with a password of which he will be responsible, committing to make a diligent and confidential use of it. The user agrees to make an adequate use of the contents and services (such as chat services, discussion forums or newsgroups) that SVIP 2003 S. L offers through its portal and with character Limitation But not limiting, not to use them to:

3.1-incurring illicit activities, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order.

3.2-to disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal nature, of advocacy of terrorism or an attack against human rights.

3.3-cause damage to the physical and logical systems of, its suppliers or third parties, introduce or disseminate in the network computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are susceptible to cause the damage Above.

3.4-Try to access and, where appropriate, use the email accounts of other users and modify or manipulate their messages. reserves the right to withdraw all comments and contributions that violate respect for the dignity of the person, which are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, which violates youth or children, the order or Public safety or which, in their view, would not be appropriate for publication. In any case, will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by the users through the forums, chats, or other tools of participation.

4. Data protection: complies with the guidelines of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the protection of personal data, the royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December approving the regulations for the development of the Organic Law and Other regulations in force at any time, and ensures the correct use and treatment of the user's personal data. To this end, together with each form of personal data, in the services that the user can request to, will let the user know of the existence and acceptance of the particular conditions of the treatment of their data in each case, Informing you of the responsibility of the file created, the address of the person responsible, the possibility of exercising your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, the purpose of the treatment and the communications of data to third parties in your case. In addition, informs that it complies with law 34/2002 of 11 July, services of the information society and electronic commerce and will request your consent to the processing of your email for commercial purposes at any time.

5. Intellectual and Industrial property: SVIP 2003 S. L, is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of, as well as the elements contained therein (for the purposes of images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; trademarks or logos, colour combinations, structure and design, selection of used materials, computer programs necessary for their operation, access and use, etc.), owned by SVIP 2003 S.L. All rights reserved. Pursuant to articles 8 and 32.1, second subparagraph, of the Intellectual Property Act, reproduction, distribution and public communication, including their method of making available, of all or part of The contents of this website, for commercial purposes, in any support and by any technical means, without the authorization of The user undertakes to respect the rights of intellectual and Industrial property ownership of SVIP 2003 S.L. can view the elements of the portal and even print, copy and store them on the hard drive of your computer or any other support Physical as long as it is, only and exclusively, for personal and private use. The user must refrain from deleting, altering, circumventing or tampering with any protective device or security system that was installed in The Las pages.

6. Exclusion of guarantees and liability: is not responsible, in any case, for damages of any nature that could cause, in a statement: errors or omissions in the contents, lack of availability of the Portal or the transmission of viruses or malicious or harmful programs in the contents, despite having taken all the technological measures necessary to avoid it.

7. Modifications: Web reserves the right to make without prior notice the modifications it deems appropriate in its portal, being able to change, delete or add both the contents and services that are provided through The same As the way in which they appear presented or located in your portal.

8. Links: In the event that on behalf of the domain contains links or hyperlinks were made to other Internet sites, will not exert any control over such sites and contents. In no event shall assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to an external website, nor will it guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, breadth, veracity, validity and constitutionality of Any material or information contained in any such hyperlinks or other Web sites. The same The inclusion of these external connections will not imply any type of association, merger or participation with the connected entities.

9. Right of exclusion: reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the portal and/or the services offered without prior notice, at its own request or by a third party, to those users who do not comply with these general conditions of use.

10. General: will pursue the breach of the present Conditions As well as any misuse of your website exercising all civil and criminal actions that may correspond to you in law.

11. Modification of these conditions and duration: may modify at any time the conditions here determined, being duly published as shown here. The validity of the aforementioned conditions shall be in accordance with their exposure and will be in force until they are amended by others duly published.

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction: and the user will be governed by the Spanish regulations in force and any controversy will be submitted to the courts and tribunals of the nearest city.

13. Copyright: All texts and images included in this website, as well as any other type of information, are the property of or its author with its prior consent and are protected by copyright laws and treaties, as well as by Other laws and intellectual property treaties. According to the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 of December, Personal Data Protection (LOPDP).

14. LOPDP (PERSONAL Data Protection Act): we inform you What By completing the forms, your personal data will be used for the purpose indicated on the pages where the electronic data collection form is located. They may also be conserved to answer your request and to send (by ordinary or electronic channels) information related to our activity that may be of interest to you, until you indicate otherwise assuring confidentiality Of the data provided and guaranteeing that, under no circumstances, they will be ceded for any other use without the prior and express consent of our clients. The non-completion of the fields, indicated as obligatory, that appear in any form of electronic registration, may have as consequence that not be able to attend to your request. never send Promotion Newsletter To any client without accepting the use of the same According Order the LSSI. never stores customer data, does not share it, and does not assign or transfer it to third parties.
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· That is Law Society services y Information (LSSI).

LSSI are the initials of the law of services of the information Society of Spain, although in fact its full name is Law 34/2002, of July 11 of services of the Society of Information and electronic commerce.

Citizens, politicians and consumer organisations, among others, have highlighted the need to ensure the effective protection of privacy. This interest has also been reflected in a number of documents made public by the data protection authorities; Among others, in the views of the Working Group of article 29. The industry, for its part, is equally aware that digital development is ensuring the confidence of users in the network and, therefore, and in this area, to ensure that the use of cookies is carried out respecting always the privacy of the U The Aryans.

Gaining the confidence of the users implies that they are aware that their browsing habits are sometimes going to be known by service providers on the Internet, that they can assess the advantages associated with that knowledge and that they know how to manage the Acceptance or rejection of such advantages.
By utilizing data storage and retrieval devices, such as cookies or others, service providers obtain data related to users that can then be used for the provision of services Concrete, to serve publicity or as a basis for the development of improvements or new products and services on occasions free. This circumstance determines the need to implant a system in which the user is fully aware of the installation of those devices and the purpose of their use, being ultimately aware of the fate of the data that are being Used and the incidents that this system implies in your privacy. Therefore, the new Community and national regulation requires the obtaining of an informed consent in order to ensure that the users are aware of the use of their data and the purposes for which they are used.
In determining the level of detail in the information to be provided on cookies, as well as the way in which consent should be obtained for installation and use, a clear reference should be given to the level of understanding of the Users in relation to them. In this regard, studies carried out to date should be kept in mind, which show that users ' knowledge of the operation of cookies and the options available for their management is limited, especially among those who They have a lower technical knowledge or use the Internet less regularly.
In short, the digital industry and, in particular, the digital advertising sector and those who represent it, are aware of the importance of privacy on the Internet and the need to adopt information and consent formulas that meet the requirements of Transparency and control demanded by the regulation, adapting it to the current level of knowledge of the users; All this, protecting in turn the important investment in this sector of activity, but manifesting the interest of the industry itself for implanting a transparent system in this area.
In this sense, the industry and its representatives thank the Spanish Agency for data protection its disposition and the opportunity to cooperate in the design of solutions and show the commitment to comply with the rules on cookies through a Series of proposals. Solutions that, adopted by other European data protection authorities, are also aimed at fulfilling a work in the training and maturity of Internet users in the knowledge of these tools of the information society that promotes the use Responsible for them, allowing an environment at the same time creative and transparent.

· Scope of standards:

The second subparagraph of article 22 of the LSSI establishes:

1.1 Service providers may use data storage and retrieval devices on recipients ' terminal equipment, provided that they have given their consent after they have been provided with clear information and Completes on its use, in particular, on the purposes of the processing of the data, in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of protection of personal character data.
Where it is technically possible and effective, the consent of the recipient to accept the processing of the data may be facilitated by the use of the appropriate parameters of the browser or other applications, provided that the user must proceed to its configuration During its installation or updating by means of an express action to that effect.
The foregoing shall not impede the possible storage or access of a technical nature in the sole purpose of transmitting a communication by an electronic communications network or, to the extent that it is strictly necessary, for the provision of a service of the Information Society expressly requested by the recipient.
Consequently, the guidelines of this guide will be useful to those assumptions to which the second section of article 22 of the Lssi applies in accordance with the provisions of chapter II of the Lssi itself, entitled "Scope of Application".

In particular, it should be pointed out that, in accordance with the precept transcribed, the same applies to any "data storage and retrieval devices" in any "terminal equipment of the recipients" and that the annex to the aforementioned LSSI defines As "recipient of the service or addressee" to the "natural or legal person who uses, whether or not for professional reasons, a service of the information society".
Thus, article 22 of the LSSI and this guide refer to the installation of cookies and similar technologies used (such as local Shared Objects or flash cookies2, etc.) To store and retrieve data from a terminal computer (for example, a computer, a mobile phone, or a Tablet) of a natural or legal person who uses, whether for professional reasons, a service of the information society.
In any case we allow ourselves to remember that when the installation and/or use of a cookie carries the treatment of personal data, those responsible for such treatment must ensure compliance with the additional requirements established by the Regulations on the protection of personal data, in particular in relation to the particular protected data.
It is also appropriate to recall the need for additional precautionary measures in this area in relation to minors.

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"In compliance with article 10 of Law 34/2002of July 11of
Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE)
are presented below information identifying the company:

Svip2003 S.L onwards

.: C.I.F number of B-55214076;

registered in the Commercial Register of Girona,

Volume 2992, Folio 191, Section 8H GI 57063, I / A 1. "


We are ;D

Yours Truly:

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